• 42nd Generation is the name we give to the Youth ministry of the Church in the City, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • We believe that God entrusted us to communicate the message of the Kingdom and a Christ-centred life.
  • We want to become mature God-sons in the earth. As we continue on this journey God reveals His Father heart to us and firmly roots us in His identity.
  • The desire of our hearts is to live a lifestyle in which our daily walk with Him allows us to build His Kingdom and establish His temple in the earth. We are called to build, restore and govern.


This mystery is revealed in Matthew chapter 1. If we study the genealogy of Jesus, we see there were 42 generations from Abraham to Christ. There were 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 from David to the exile to Babylon, and 14 from the exile to Christ. The interesting part is that if you count all the generations, they amount to only 41. This means that Jesus, according to Jewish law, was the 41st generation, or the 13th generation from the exile of Babylon.

So where is the 42nd Generation? Is it pure coincidence that there were only 13 generations from the exile of Babylon to Jesus? The significance of numbers in scripture is profound. We believe that the 42nd Generation referred to as “Christ” in Matt. 1:17 refers to a generation brought to life by His Son, Jesus Christ, not born of blood or the will of the flesh, but from the incorruptible seed of God, by the Word of God (John 1:14).

It is a generation called the sons of God, the joint heirs with Christ. It is a generation called out of all ages and nations and who will accept their inheritance of the Kingdom of God. This is a people who will overcome the world, heal the land, and who are conformed to the Image of His Son. They are known as the corporate body of Christ, for they are one in Him. We are a remnant chosen by Grace.